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Discount Locksmith, is your number 1 place to get everything locksmith in Las Vegas. It has been 20 solid years since we went into the business of fixing locks and keys, and we have grown to become a tested and trusted brand in those 20 years.

We service both residential and commercial buildings by offering a complete range of Locksmith services.

Locksmith Near Me in Las Vegas, NV

When you choose Discount Locksmith you are saying yes to experienced professional lock and key experts who have provided Locksmith services to 100s of homes and businesses.

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Apart from our years of experience providing security for homes and businesses, our excellent customer relations, and our certified, registered expert Locksmith, we have also built up our reputation as a fast response business.

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Providing reliable, efficient and professional locksmith services to our customers at a competitive rate is a major priority for us. In fact this is our main goal

We give great care and attention to huge, large scale jobs, which is the same we will give to small, single and isolated jobs.

We will wait for your call so you can enjoy 100% value for your money!


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Discount Locksmith highly trained technicians provide onsite emergency service or roadside assistance at any time of day or night throughout the Metro Las Vegas area. Regardless of your car’s make or model, our locksmith team is highly experienced and can provide you with service onsite. No one knows the inside of your car like the dealership, but no one knows locks and keys like a locksmith.

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